AMANDA GRACE- transcript  Encouraging Prophetic Word For RIGHT NOW! | Flyover Clip

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AMANDA GRACE- transcript  Encouraging Prophetic Word For RIGHT NOW! | Flyover Clip

Enjoy this flyover clip. You know, every week I do something called the Prophetic Report and I get prophetic words sent to me from friends all over the country, even outside of the United States. One word that kept coming to me this last week was something from Amanda Grace. It actually came out on Wednesday of last week, which was the 3 August. And when I listened to the prophetic word I thought, everybody needs to hear it. And this may be new to you,  if you have never even heard of the Prophetic Report. Well, if you look at the Bible, Ephesians 411 through twelve, it says, now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church, the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. Something that was really important that I kept coming back to in the Bible was Amos 3-7 where it says, surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secrets to his servants, the prophets. And then finally two Chronicles 2020 says, have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld. Have faith in his prophets and you will be successful. I think it’s so important with all of the information that we’re getting today from the news and everything that seems so hopeless. Anytime there’s hopelessness, it means it’s rooted in a lie. So we’re like, where is God in this situation? I think you’re going to pull a lot from what the Lord had to say through Amanda Grace. Check this out. So it starts with a statement and then it goes into the word.

So the statement was,

Another attack is coming upon Pearl Harbour by one who was once considered an ally long ago. World War II is obviously/ was considered an ally long ago in World War Two perhaps. So just watch Pearl Harbor right now. It could be a different kind of attack. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same manner, but nonetheless an attack. And this is then we go into the word. Praise be to Almighty God, who rules the range from the throne of grace. The earth is your footstool, O King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come, who spoke, and it was, and to his kingdom there is no end. And the Spirit of the Lord says, this day an ACCELERATION is coming, my children, a catalyst that will cause an acceleration, and a demise of those around the “President” says the Lord. For they have miscalculated, says the Lord. They have made a major MISSTEP, and they shall tumble down the hill before winter, says the Lord of Hosts. Now, he’s not saying which ones, but you’re going to see them, some of them, before winter tumble down the hill, yet some shall tumble before winter. Others shall linger a bit longer in their seats. The seat of Power has become the seat of stench, says the Lord of Hosts. They have filled the capital with every foul unclean creature. A haunt for Jackals, a place for the saytrs to dance and praise their gods. You think you are the greatest of all time, says the Lord of Hosts. Oh, you think? However, your name shall be a byword, a laughingstock, and a heifer you shall become, for what you have done to my name, how you have attempted to smote it and smear it and exalt yourself above it as Lucifer. So whisper the temptations in your ear that you and your flesh were lulled right into the abyss of your own making.

Who have you been attending to? O wife of the president? Who have you been secretly to cutting deals to save yourself, looking for cover in the company of another? This shall be revealed, says the Lord of Hosts, for all the shuffling is being brought to the surface, as even a Garland shall lose their prestige for the deals they made, the blood that was shed, and the refuse that was created from such foolish, sloppy policy, says the Lord of Hosts this day. And, says the Spirit of the Lord this day. Eli’s Wicked Sons. Remember Eli house of Eli with Samuel, he had the two wicked sons. Eli’s wicked sons, abusing their position as their father was in leadership, playing a righteous role. The wicked sons of Eli both fell to the Lord of Hosts. And you shall see such occur around the time of Fall, says the Lord of Hosts. Now, he says, around the time it could be a little after fall, it could be a little before, says the Lord of Hosts. A wicked house shall fall. A literal house shall collapse says the Lord of Hosts this day. And, says the Spirit of the Lord, THIS DAY all capitals. I AM GOD. There is no other meaning him. Return unto to me, O people of America. Return onto me, O people of England, for your nation teeters on the edge of destruction. Return unto to me, O people of Australia, so I may remove the snare, a treble hook that has clawed your nation in three places, says the Lord.

And he says, the Lord of Hosts. Bait fish to catch a larger baitfish. Indeed, have been thrown out for a catch. Oh, they are churning the water, says the Lord. And I the Lord God. As you owe leaders who have been stolen from, I, the Lord your God, will order your steps. I shall reveal the blueprint, but YOU MUST LISTEN so you do not GET CAUGHT IN DEEP WATERS. That’s capitalized as the temptation is there, says the Lord of Hosts. For there are those lurking in the deep seeking an occasion H says the Lord of Hosts. They are seeking an occasion to throw out their nets for a catch, and pin the people down as they poke and prod them as cattle, says the Lord of hosts.

Anne, says the spirit of the Lord, this day. The area of New Guinea. Just watch, says the Lord,   a very large ,and then he goes into something else.

A very large Chinese ship shall be taken out, says the Lord, just when it thinks it has positioned itself for a strategic gain. The ship shall be destroyed, says the Lord. It shall be shocking as this occurs, for their might shall falter, as their blood shall be seen in the water. For  I the Lord have  issued judgment against their gods, and their military shall suffer, along with a string of mysterious falls within the CCP, as not only a strain, but a train comes through and takes them from their post.

Threading the needle, says the Lord. Watch Israel thread the needle so precisely it will almost be seen as not possible. But what is impossible with man is possible with me, the Lord your God. FEAR NOT, MY CHILDREN For I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. Behold, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand, sayeth the Lord.

Another flip in the court, says the Lord. What? The appellate court circuit. Watch the appellate court circuit. Okay, that’s what it is. It’s. Watch the appellate court circuit. Make a BOLD MOVE , says the Lord, that will set in motion great change in your nation. And, sayeth the Lord of Hosts, the LINCOLN MEMORIAL. Just watch what happens, and it shall be a sign of what I the Lord God, have set out to do, as the diseased cherry trees shall uproot before their very eyes, sayeth the Lord of Hosts. And, says the Spirit of the Lord, this day. A SURPRISE WITH THE MIDTERMS BOTH THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS WHO HAVE HELD HANDS IN THE DARK.

Oh, your speak easies shall be exposed along with your code word. For when one has arisen with something called morals and integrity, you have a code word for such, and it shall be exposed and lead to yourselves, says the Lord of the Hosts this day. And, says the Spirit of the Lord, this day.

Watch Michigan, for major change is upon them, and a sudden fall of leadership in Chicago. Their cup of iniquity is poured overfull, and it must be poured out. Oh, the deals you have made. O, MAYOR O, GOVERNOR. That’s all capitalized the deals you have made, and turn the other way as bullets fly, in exchange for what you think is a secured seat. A major fall in the Fall in Chicago and Illinois, says the Lord, that will set off political tremors in the states close by.

Watch and see. As you see so many in the political arena. Dead men and women walking as spiritually they are dead. They have been turned over to a reprobate mind and are walking towards the edge of the cliff of their own making, a jagged cliff of political missteps and bribes and meeting with foreign statesmen as states and land are wheeled and dealed like the deck of cards.

ENOUGH says the Lord. ENOUGH. That’s all capitalized. And, says the Lord of Hosts, a cold case past 30 years, one that is known. There shall be a major break in that case before four years ends, and it shall be a catalyst that what was once thought buried and no more, what was once thought covered up shall be exhumed and exposed.

A secret facility that Pfizer owns in the middle of nowhere. Its inner working shall be exposed says the Lord of Hosts, and the VIAL of experimental drugs long ago that were set to come back to harm the people, shall be exposed as well.

Anne, says the Spirit of the Lord, this day another drug company is set to emerge and challenge one of the largest. A battle of the buck, says the Lord. Indeed, you shall see, as you tear each other to nakedness and expose the deepest secrets that have been kept under guard, literally shall emerge going into 2023, says the Lord.

 Anne, says the Spirit of the Lord, this day, a large flag shall tear as soul toward the garment of Samuel, as a sign the kingdom had been torn away from him. A large flag shall tear as a sign that the safeguards are being torn away, and the White House shall be left vulnerable to attack. And one shall occur as they are attempting to hold on to the quicksand that is just running through their fingers, says the Lord. Grace just flew right over my head, attempting to hold on to quicksand that is just running through their fingers, says the Lord.

And, says the Spirit of the Lord, this day. YOUR HOPE is in the Lord, my children. YOUR HOPE IS IN THE LORD.YOUR HOPE IS IN THE LORD YOUR HOPE is in the Lord, your God. Put your hope in all capitals. My plans for there shall be a surprise with the Presidency as well. As I am humbling those through events in their lives to allow me to now mould their heart and their life and breathe faith back into a spirit that was once hardened and puffing like a bully. I, the Lord, am taking those hearts of stone and creating hearts of flesh, and the humble shall come forth out of the boaster, says the Lord, for I am breathing my spirit into their marriages, into their children, into their lives.

Anne, says the Spirit of the Lord, this day I am making an announcement. Blow the trumpets, it, says the Lord. Here’s the announcement. And, says the Spirit, hear ye this day, the inhabitants of the [earth], it says I’m going to put earth in parentheses because the Lord, the word Lord is in here hearing Habitance of the Lord in parentheses. Earth. The Lord, strong and mighty, shall come in with a rushing wind and knock over the soapboxes of the leaders boasting against him in this time. This is your warning now to cautiously descend off your soapbox and humble yourselves before the Lord, for your feet shall be kicked out from under you. Your AI shall fail and your Schwab shall fall. As I the Lord, I’m dealing with two generations of those who think they are untouchable, whom the enemy has deceived into thinking such here this day. O those who love to hear themselves speak about ramblings of tech and body that are blasphemous to me here this day, you shall lose your lustre, and all you have mustered and all the confusion you have brought, shall bring you down in a whirlwind of events. As you have rejected me, the Lord, I have in this hour rejected you and handed you over to be shifted by the very ones who placed you in your seat.

Turn now, says the Lord, for this rushing wind shall begin at the end of August into September. So that time frame, it shall begin, says the Lord of Hosts. This and says the Spirit of the Lord, this day The largest snake to ever be found, now this is interesting, shall emerge. Soon the one who has remained hidden in unexpected places. In sewers as well, says the Lord. And it shall be a sign that what has enormously lurked underneath shall now be pulled from its hiding place and thrown down before the people.

Watch. New York, going to the end of the year, for unexpected change is upon Albany, says the Lord of Hosts. They are rebelliously chosen to go off into the darkness where one cannot see, and to maintain control, have released into New York ANOTHER, that shall make itself plain shortly. So that’s all capitalized, however, says the Lord, There is a bear trap, and it shall catch their foot and bring them down from their lofty position, for they have not learned from the fall of the former, and shall become even more shameful for what they have done. And this shall trigger a vein in the Spirit that runs to California, says the Lord.

Events in the political arena in tandem. Watch and see, says the Lord of Hosts, for MUCH WILL FLIP. A BOLD unexpected move coming out of Oklahoma, coming out of Texas. Coming out of Virginia, coming out of Maine, coming out of Wisconsin, says the Lord of Hosts, as it may not make sense for a moment, but it will in my time, my children. MY TIME NOT YOURS. This is all capitals, says the Lord of Hosts. For this process to come to its fullness, stand firm with your armour on and sword of the Spirit, the word of God in hand. For I, the Lord, in this hour will redeem my children from the generational sin that has plagued them and attempted to coil around them and wound them. And I shall deal with those lines in this hour. And the rebellious men and women who have continuously chosen to tamper with my plans for my children, they are my children first. Remember that as your time to fully repent and turn is short, heed this now, says the Lord, for my children in this hour are truly being set free. Thus says the Lord of Hosts and the name above all names, Jesus Christ, my son and your Savior. Amen and amen.

End prophecy.

Bingo ! Amanda Grace prophesy explained at Infowars 21 August

The curious “code name passage” is now revealed in Donald Trumps Updated RICO case against Clinton Cabal.

Oh, your speak easies shall be exposed along with your code word. For when one has arisen with something called morals and integrity, you have a code word for such, and it shall be exposed and lead to yourselves, says the Lord of the Hosts this day. And, says the Spirit of the Lord, this day.

The code word for Donald Trump is “Crimson Rhino” as stated in Trumps recently Updated RICO case against the Clinton Cabal. This filing led to the Mara-Lago FBI raid LOL.

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Crimson Rhino code name is explained in this PDF of Trumps RICO lawsuit. Note the African spelling

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